We help our customers solve “why” and “what if” to inspire, innovate, and to create amazing products, processes, and relationships.

Customers benefit from our experience across multiple areas including Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Defense and more. However, we understand every project is different. We will harness the entrepreneurial spirit of the Team to transform your issues into solutions, products into reality, and processes into performance.

We will be by your side to provide insight and guide business and technology decisions.

What engineering, design, or process issues can we help you solve?

Our name and logo:
“The mathematical uninterrupted surface of the Mobius strip symbolizes our continuous pursuit of innovative solutions on behalf of our customers” – Tim McLellan, founder

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Achieving design excellence is part our DNA.   When combined with our product passion and cross functional expertise we help ideas become reality.  Please see our gallery for a small set of examples.

Your companies engineering processes, methodologies, and standards play a significant role in getting the full value from your investments.  We help companies establish and utilize value added processes and methodologies.   When combined with internal and industry standards we ensure consistent and proven process value, improved productivity and quality designs. 

The image of the lattice structure was created and utilized nearly two years before mainstream computer aided design tools implemented additive manufacturing capabilities into their tools. The design was later utilized in a successful project and patent application.

It’s competitive out there. Bring your designs to the forefront and inspire others. Our graphics and renderings help you sell the concept, communicate the targeted goals, and win the business. Let us help you create richer, impressive, and compelling material for your next engineering, sales, or marketing project.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser